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Your Office, Home Office and Life

Life is hectic, so being organized is a necessity -- not a luxury -- for your workspace, paperwork, filing systems, information, workflow and time management.  The organizing techniques you learn for your office can be applied in your busy personal life too!  
  • How do clutter and chaos make you feel?

  • Do you want (or need) to get organized  
    ... but you don't know how or where to start?

  • Are you wasting money, time, energy or space?

  • Any changes recently in your office, home office or life? 

  • What has it cost you or your company to not be organized?

  • Want to be more productive, efficient and effective?

  • Is it time to change your situations and habits?

  • Need a Coach/Trainer or Virtual Organizing sessions?


Donna D. McMillan, West Los Angeles based professional organizer

Donna D. McMillan
Productivity Consultant
Efficiency Trainer/Coach

McMillan & Company
Professional Organizing
&  Island Organizers

non-judgmental - sensitive - confidential

We not only help you GET organized, we teach you how to STAY organized (transfer skills)!

"When you hire an organizer, it is an expense that has a duration. It ends. Where if you are disorganized, the cost goes on forever." I.P.

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We'll show you how to


... eliminate
late fees. 


... avoid buying


... locate
and gift


... salvage
deductible receipts.


... slash
storage fees. 


... stop wasting 
precious time. 


... find
buried money.





"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin







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Organize Your Small Business - 70 Tips From A Collection of Experts

Organize Your Small Business
70 Tips From A Collection Of Experts

Organize Your Office & Home Office

 Celebrate Freedom From Clutter and Chaos

MARCH - Natl Organize Your Home Office Day
APRIL - Tax Time Pain or Peace

 Organizing Tips 

Increase Productivity ~ Save Time & Money
Reduce Stress ~ Gain Control

As seen in   and  


Disorder is stressful, distracting, overwhelming, embarrassing and costly --  financially and emotionally.  The level of organization or disorganization is directly related to productivity, motivation and success, plus it affects the bottom line.  Clutter creates confusion; systems and uniformity create calm.  Procrastination is a leading cause of disorganization.  

"Clutter is like the tide: It comes in every day, whether you want it to or not. And unless you
find a way to deal with it as quickly as it flows in, pretty soon you'll be drowning in clutter."
~ Lori Baird, Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff

Organizing may feel like putting together a puzzle. Actually, it's about improving your lifestyle and quality of life!  Removing clutter leaves room for functional systems and self-confidence.  It does take time to get organized, while the process and results are a valuable investment in YOU! 

Why?  It's energizing to be in control of your time, space, paperwork and vital information in your office.  Each day can be easier and more fun.  (What a concept!)  You can live and work smarter, not harder, and be more efficient, effective, productive and your best self!!  

"You can live a richer, fuller life if you simply have it organized."
Peter Walsh (Oprah Winfrey Show & Clean Sweep, TLC)

"Live Your Best Life," says Oprah Winfrey


Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, the value-added services of these non-judgmental specialists make a meaningful difference in your office, home office and personal life.  They are much more than just a "clean-up-the-mess" type of service ... three experts rolled-into-one ...

as an adept listener, provides answers to your questions, logical
techniques and product solutions you've been searching for 

works with you side-by-side to physically help you and creates
efficient, practical systems customized for your specific needs 

teaches you basic skills, plus shows you how to stay organized
using recommended products and your new habits

  • Speaker/Group Trainer
Seminar Trainer for businesses & staff members
Workshop Leader for groups & organizations
Private Workshop "Ask The Organizer" with your friends

Awarded Best Business Organizer at The Organizing Awards 2013 
Awarded Best Organizing Coach or Mentor at The Organizing Awards 2007
Awarded The Founders Award at the NAPO National Annual Conference 1998 


Since 1984, McMillan & Company Professional Organizing has held the distinction of being one of the first industry pioneers.  As a West Los Angeles-based professional organizer, this full-time consulting firm has helped organizationally-challenged clients ranging from busy individuals (just like you) to local, national and international businesses. Client list includes those in Hawaii, California, Nassau in the Bahamas, and Holland. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Expertise: Small Businesses, Solopreneurs, Executives & Creative Individuals

Over 45 years experience in efficient management of time, paperwork, procedures and workspace
          »  20 years in business administration with small companies and corporations
          »  25+ years of client services and continuing education as an organizing specialist
u  Commercial Businesses u  Non-Business Home Offices
u  Home-based Businesses u  Workstations & Storage
u  Home-based Employees u  Office Management 
An interactive, educational "Clearing Office Clutter" Seminar is highly productive for Group Training.  Most people are tactile learners who retain more from the physical organizing segment. Companies benefit from "Organizing Day" with more productive, efficient and effective employees.  For individuals, the one-on-one, on-site, hands-on organizing sessions are empowering and worth many times the price.

What's Happening in Your Office?

PHILOSOPHY ... "It's all about our clients first, why they want to get organized now, what happened to cause the clutter and chaos, and how their goals can be accomplished.  We care!"  We start where you are now ... and take you to a new level and beyond!   

Being organized means being able to quickly find whatever you need whenever you need it!
It's not about being tidy.  Everything deserves a 'home'.
Ask us how to do it now!

"White collar workers waste an average of 40% of their workday. Not because they
aren't smart, but because
they were never taught organizing skills to cope with
the increasing amount of workloads and demands." -- 
Wall Street Journal

"Times are difficult for many businesses.  If everything is organized in the office,
fewer personnel are required to get the job done."

As an expert clutter buster, the founder has been featured in national and local newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows spotlighting topics such as ... 

u  Paper & Info Management

u  Storage & Space Planning

u  Time Management

u  Clutter Control

u  Relocation Relief 

u  Organizational Trainer/Coach

u  Workshops & Seminars 

home office (before) multiple-purpose room (before)
business reception area (before)

"The real cost of being disorganized is hundreds of times more
than the cost for a professional organizer's services."
Roger L. Drolet, CPA, MBA / Founder, SafeRecord.Com


 Ready for a disaster or emergency?



An Organized Office & Home Office


Organizing is a "process"... it's not a one-day project!© The steps to become and stay organized are part of the process.  

To organize has been described to mean ... create order, sort, arrange, dispose, methodize and put together.  It has nothing to do with being clean or tidy.

"A Professional Organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills.  A Professional Organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.  Professional organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life." 
National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) - The Organizing Authority® 


According to a survey conducted on behalf of NAPO (press release January 2009), getting organized is definitely a necessity.  The 400 adults polled revealed ...

  • Overall, 96% indicated that they could save time every day by becoming more organized.

  • 71% said their quality of life would improve if they were better organized

  • 65% described their home as at least moderately disorganized.

  • 27% said disorder keeps them from being effective at work.

Professional Organizers are not ...  

You don't have to get organized alone!


Many people say, "no one ever taught me HOW to get organized!" Some struggle with major 'life-changing' situations, and some simply don't take the time to get organized.  For others, things are just out of control, or they're too embarrassed to ask for help from friends, family or employees. 

"As business owners yourselves, you understand our small business' challenges and provide valuable solutions! Your expertise increased our bottom line (profits) immediately." said a Client.

Organizing is a HOT TOPIC of cable TV shows, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and many great books.  These services will take you to the next level and offer valuable solutions for your individual style and needs.  They will also help you decide what to keep and the best place for it to "live."  In reality -- unlike the TV shows -- most organizing projects will require 2 or more sessions to complete (and Rome wasn't built in a day).  You simply need to be willing to participate in the process, make decisions and consider recommendations. 

"Organizing our office space and paperwork was an investment in our
success.  We immediately saved hours of wasted time, income increased and
stress is reduced.  So glad we took this leap of faith.  Forever grateful ...
your expertise made a huge difference!"   KNS


These non-judgmental pros listen carefully to your concerns and must observe all your problem areas, so do not clean up the mess!  They physically work side-by-side with you, divide your projects into phases and create systems, procedures and workflow that will work specifically for your needs.  You will be empowered, motivated and learn techniques to manage your valuable information, paperwork, space, time and money.

     > Learn organizational skills  > Improve productivity  > Maximize office workspace


Who Hires a Professional Organizer?

How Long Will It Take To Get Organized?

Donna D. McMillan explains some people say they are "messy" and never had anyone to speak with honestly about this topic or who could help physically. “Clutter is postponed decisions,” says Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger.  Clutter also results from delayed actions.

"If you can't find something in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place and it needs a 'home'!"©


Paperwork - clutter - filing systems - storage areas - too much stuff -  late for appointments - misplacing items - wasting time - moving - expanding or down-sizing?   Want to learn how to SAVE MONEY and gain 1-2 hours every day?  Is it time for an organizing "tune-up"?

"... admitted to herself that she was disorganized ..." 
Home Office Computing: The Five-Hour Makeover - Oct. 1993

Are you stuck?  Your Personal Coach teaches you how (transference of skills) to become and stay organized in your office.  Of course, the same methods will apply in your private life.  Invest in yourself now! 
Appointments are supportive and productive.  You deserve an organized world!

Benefits and Results of Being Organized
  • eliminates clutter, chaos and stress 

  • saves wasted time, energy, space and money 

  • creates simplicity, stability, productivity and order

  • allows free time for family, friends and fun 

  • provides peace of mind ... and more 

"Thought For The Day"
Effective time management is the result of personalized systems,
the appropriate tools, new habits and continuous maintenance.


Consulting ~ Organizing ~ Coaching


How much
is YOUR time worth?





Time is the currency of the new millennium. It is, in itself, an oxymoron.
It is given to us free -- but will cost us dearly if we waste it.
Spending it wisely -- can prove a worthy investment.
It is intangible -- but we easily lose track of it.
It is always the same exact unit of measure -- yet we feel we have less of it than ever before!
-- Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.

"If you want to make good use of your time, you've got to know what's most important and then
give it all you've got.  The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything." -- Lee Iacocca

The average American burns 55 minutes a day - roughly 12 weeks a year - looking for things
they know they own but can't find.  -- Newsweek 6/7/04

Everything should be made
as simple as possible.
Albert Einstein
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!
Henry David Thoreau
Less is More
(Less Stuff = More Space and Time)

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the only piece that's missing is you."

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